In 2011, Pastor Brent Roam dreamed of planting a vibrant, diverse and growing church with a simple goal -- to bring people and God together in love.  With the help of a small but committed team, One Family Church launched on September 18th, 2011.  That Sunday more than 100 people attended the first service at the Tivoli Theatre on the Delmar Loop in University City.

From the beginning, One Family Church has focused on empowering and equipping people to fulfill Christ's vision of loving God completely and loving each other unconditionally. From its inception the church has grown exponentially. It is now home to hundreds of people from all over the city from all different ethnicities, races, ages, education levels and social strata.

We invite you to come and see for yourself how exciting church can be when we focus on Christ's basic commandments: to love God with everything, and to love each other as ourselves. 


Join our mission to bring people and God together in love!