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Next Steps empowers you to Join The Family and live the life God created you for.  Next Steps is a series of three sessions that equip you to 1) become a member, 2) build your foundation, 3) deploy your gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.  You will get your questions answered, make great connections and figure out your Next Step with God.

Sessions can be completed in any order and repeat every month.


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  • Step 1: Membership

    1st Sunday of Every Month

    Step 1 is our membership class. It is an introduction and connection point to our family at One Family Church. It's the first step to becoming involved in the life of our church family. 

  • Step 2: Foundations

    2nd Sunday of Every Month

    Step 2 guides you through some of the core habits and disciplines of the Christian life. We believe that the Christian life is not just for Sundays, but rather we live it out in our homes, classrooms, jobs and community every day. 

  • Step 3: Dream Team

    3rd Sunday of Every Month

    Step 3 provides you with an opportunity to discover, develop and deploy your gifts on the Dream Team and make a difference!