In the opening chapters of the Bible, we learn that marriage is more than a social contract or a cultural formality. Marriage is a state of spiritual and physical union between a man and a woman designed by God as part of his overall design for the world. 

We learn in the New Testament that marriage is also designed to serve as a metaphor for the relationship between Christ and his Church. Because marriage plays such a powerful role in so many people's lives, we provide tools that will help you navigate your marital relationship. 

Whether you are thinking about getting married, seeking to enrich your marriage, or walking through a difficult marital period, we will walk with you.


premarital counseling

Looking for a premarital counseling? Our counseling agency partners can help.

  1. If you and your fiancé are active members of One Family Church seeking premarital counseling, simply contact us at or (314) 329-8390 and let us know about your desire to receive pre-marital counseling, and we will connect you with one of our counseling partners.

    NOTE: An active member is someone who has 1) become a member at Next Steps, 2) regularly supports the church through their giving, and 3) actively serves and participates in the congregation.

  2. Our counsellors use a curriculum called Prepare-Enrich, which is an online relationship assessment that helps to discover the strength and growth areas in your relationship. We will send you a link to fill out the assessment and after you each complete it, we will set a date for the first session.  Prepare-Enrich charges a $35 administrative fee per couple. You can pay them directly via credit card or debit card when you log into the link.

  3. We will connect you with a counselor who will review the results of your assessment and discuss the growth and strength areas in your relationship. Note: The counselors charge a small fee for 1-3 sessions. The cost of further sessions would be at the counselor's regular rate.


Whatever issues you are facing, you want to work through them and come out of them stronger than ever.  We know and understand marital challenges. Our goal is to help you reclaim, heal, and build the marriage God intended for you. Great marriages are possible, and we would like to show you practical ways to restore and heal your marriage.

Who can I speak with if my marriage is in need of help?

Email us at or call (314) 329-8390 and a member of our team will reach out to you to get you connected with one of our counseling agency partners.

Does One Family Church provide counseling?

We do not provide any form of mental health or professional counseling services.  We partner with Crossroads Counseling and Avenues Counseling.  You may call them directly or email us at and we will recommend you to a professional counselor.

marriage life groups

Your marriage will flourish if you gather and apply God's wisdom and help from other married couples.  We've designed marriage Life Groups specifically for married couples in our church to grow together.  Start growing by checking out our Life Groups.


Interested in Leading a Marriage Life Group?

If you love helping others grow together and are interested in more training in leading couples, consider becoming a Life Group Leader.




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